Beach Trolley/Sun Lounger Assembly Instructions

An assembly instruction leaflet can be found in the back pocket of your beach trolley and sun lounger trolley when purchased. This leaflet provides details of:

  • how to attach your sunshade,
  • how to use the ratchet system
  • how the quick release wheel clips work.

An additional wheel axle assembly leaflet will also be sent out with the delivery of your beach trolley/sun lounger.

Wheel axle assembly is only required prior to first use due to the wheel axles being screwed inside the wheel axle rod for transportation purposes.

To set the wheel axle to the correct length:

  1. leave the quick release clips on
  2. unscrew the small screws either side of the axle bar (these may be obscured by the edge of the material sling)
  3. pull out the metal rod until the second hole is aligned
  4. secure the axle rod at the correct adjusted length by replacing the small screws